Dark Justice


High school sweethearts Luke and Laura have plans for a future together — college, marriage and starting a family — until tragedy strikes. While they are out on a date discussing Luke’s acceptance into college, Laura’s little sister is brutally murdered. Equally as tragic, Luke is tried and convicted of her murder! Laura has been living her life feeling guilty, for both leaving her sister alone and believing she has allowed a murderer into her family. Protecting her daughter has been her number one priority, especially once Luke is exonerated and they realize a murderer is still among them. Meanwhile Luke is adjusting to life outside of prison, writing his memoir, and trying to forgive and forget being wrongfully accused of murder. Fate brings Luke and Laura together again, this time protecting each other and their futures.

"Dark Justice" is a suspenseful story of love and faith, overcoming wrongs and following your heart. Readers will be entranced by this story from the first chapter. Beautifully written, this novel delves into the criminal justice system and touches on a subject that is not talked about enough: being imprisoned for a crime committed by someone else and the aftermath of starting life over again. Seamlessly transitioning this storyline into a suspenseful roller coaster of tracking a murderer and rebuilding relationships is no easy task, but that is exactly what Angela Smith has done. Readers will not regret moving this book to the top of their "to read" pile!

Alison Ellis