Dark Fissures


Private Investigator Rick Cahill has gotten on the wrong side of La Jolla Police Chief Tony Moretti. With evidence piling up against him for murder, but no body to be found, Rick needs to find some work to stave off the upcoming foreclosure on his house. With no one to trust, he takes a case that is against his better judgment. 


Brianne Colton’s husband, a La Jolla police officer was found dead and ruled a suicide. She doesn’t believe he killed himself for one second, and thanks to a friend's recommendation, she hires Rick Cahill to find the truth. Rick is not convinced it was murder, but as evidence begins to reveal the truth, Rick finds himself falling for Brianne and breaking his steadfast rule of not dating clients. The closer they get to the truth, the more danger they find themselves in, will they survive the evil they begin to uncover and their burgeoning feelings for one another?


"Dark Fissures" is written in the first person POV and what a page turner! This story will grab one from the first page to the last and not let go. Mr. Coyle sure knows his way around a suspense novel. Rick has a lot of emotional turmoil and baggage, some of which leaves one with unanswered questions, such as his wife’s death. Since this is part of a series and stands alone, one must read the others to get those answered. This is only a minor distraction in an otherwise intense and masterful story! Intrigue, suspense, emotional and gripping….don’t pass this one up!


Lynne Bryant