Into The Dark

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Emilie Davis’ life has been a constant struggle to overcome her past.  With a vindictive and manipulative mother and a controlling ex-husband, she has worked hard to carve a peaceful life for herself. When a bank robbery turns deadly and an attempted kidnapping fails, Emilie is faced with the horrors of a stalker who is still determined to win his prey - her.  

Nathan Madigan has his own demons to fight, but as the top hostage negotiator in Las Vegas, he is determined to right the wrongs of his past.  The victim of an insane stalker is in desperate need of help and he intends to provide it.  As Nathan and Emilie work to unmask the madman bent on taking her, they must also learn to trust each other enough to love again.

Wow!  For anyone who enjoys  tightly written, edge of your seat suspense with a good helping of romance, this book is a winner!  Ms. Green masterfully writes in a no-nonsense, realistic voice as she describes the ins and outs of Las Vegas crime fighting. Her characters come with layers that slowly emerge, letting the reader experience each change as they grow.  That’s also why the completely unrealistic choices Emilie makes near the end of the story are so glaring. Still, if one can overlook the character’s sudden stupidity and all that entails, this one is a top-notch winner!

Ruth Lynn Ritter