Dangerous Proposition


Julia Dyson has had a nasty shock. Her father’s office was trashed and she can't find him anywhere.  A clue in his cell phone leads her to Colin Westwood – a handsome man on whom she had a huge crush when she was younger.  When she goes to confront him, however, things don’t go as planned.  Colin turns the tables on her, telling her he isn’t at fault, but that he will help her find her father in exchange for one tiny little thing – her being his mistress. A crazy scheme, but they will both get what they want and something they never even dreamt of.

A thrilling story with an interesting mix of plots! "Dangerous Proposition" has a suspenseful tale combined with a millionaire who falls for his mistress. And then there’s the presence of an anti-hero.  After all, Colin is a truly shady character, but he still manages to make himself likable.  The problem lies with Julia and her disregard for safety and common sense. To her it ’s far more reasonable to go rushing off to confront a dangerous man than to call the police.  Not to mention some other questionable choices that she made farther on in the book. However, the book is still a ride full of adrenaline that will keep the reader anxious to finish it!


Ana Smith