Dangerous Proposal

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Dr. Alec Westwood works at Memorial Hospital in his older brother Colin's shadow. Both are vying for the prestigious position of Chief of Staff. Alex has always found himself walking behind Colin, even in questionable endeavors. Colin never lets him forget that fact, especially when it comes to secrets of the past and women.  Lena Benson has short term memory loss and frightening dreams, while running from her fiancé, mob boss Lucas Ramone, a man so dangerous that even his father fears to cross him. In an effort to disguise herself, she adopts the name Gallagher and finds a job at a day care center.

The bones of this book are great!  The premise is promising and the suspense intriguing.  The problems come in the actual telling of the story. It is filled with abrupt assumptions, hard to believe plot lines and a number of head hopping moments. Characters appear in just the right places, in just the nick of time and for no apparent reason. For instance; Julia Dyson, befriends Lena, takes her in and invites her to be a roommate, all within a few minutes of meeting her,  leaving the reader to wonder if Dyson has a shred of common sense. Or, the daycare hires Lena on the spot, without even a background check...how safe are the children?   The author obviously knew this story so well,  she assumed the casual reader would automatically understand all the plot-stopping idiosyncrasies. It needed a good editor or a second or third set of critical eyes, then it would have worked into a riveting read.
Erin Murdock