Dangerous Embrace


After a lifetime of uncertainty and abuse, Sarah Jennings has finally found peace and a measure of happiness as an elementary school teacher in her remote but beautiful hometown.  Finally, she has a new life without the demons from her past chasing her.  That is, until a random, horrible attack leaves her bruised and broken once again.  

As a former cop, Mark Summors should be used to seeing battered women, but when he accidentally happens upon the young school teacher bruised and bleeding, something in his heart wrenches like never before.  As the stalker continues to harass Sarah, Mark makes a decision that will change his life - protect her at all costs, then see that she never has to worry again. 


As a suspense, this book starts with a jolt and never slows down!  As a romance, the hero is so hot!  The heroine.... well, not so much.    Sarah’s reactions are understandable and sympathetic in the beginning, but as the story progresses, her irrational choices become more and more unbelievable and unrealistic. Those patterns repeat so often without any development that all sympathy is lost, leaving the reader wishing Mark could find someone more worthy of his love.  His character, on the other hand, is everything one might dream of in a protector.  While his methods may seem slightly heavy-handed, the author writes his heart so well that one can’t help but fall for him right along with Sarah! If one can overlook an overly frustrating heroine, this story is one to savor!

Ruth Lynn Ritter