Dancing with Wild Woman

Parris Afton

The Hopi tribe believes that dancing will help keep the world in balance.  Janet Lomayestewa is a strong, fierce Hopi woman who is a tracker for the US Customs Service, ICE. Listening to what she calls "The Voice" she returns home to the reservation. Returning home is something she never thought she would do, as she finds herself caught up in the hunt for a serial killer - a serial killer that is killing off her clansmen one by one.  The murderer thinks she can help find the one thing that will either restore balance, or cause the world's end.

While tracking the killer, Janet comes across Jack Ripley, a white male, on reservation land claiming to be mining with his son Charley. He's good looking, charming, smooth, and also a suspect in the murders. Even though Jack is a suspect, they both come to realize they must work together to find out who is killing her people, and why.

“Dancing with Wild Woman” is chock full of Hopi history and lore, suspense, murder, and a touch of romance. Sadly, this book has so much going on all at once that it’s impossible to keep the story straight. While the writing itself is promising, it does need work to make it a stronger and more effective story.  With work, re-vamping and cleaning up the confusion, “Dancing with Wild Woman” has the potential to be a five star book.  As is, the Hopi lore is very interesting, intriguing, and, ultimately, the best part of the story.
Tonya Smalley