Maddi Brooks likes her routine; it's predictable and doesn't open her up to having relationships with anyone. She likes spending her time making jewelry and selling it with the occasional run for exercise. She minimizes the risk in her life in business and personal relationships. That all changes when she gets a new neighbor named Natalie. Natalie and her brother Noah insert themselves into her life first out of necessity of circumstance rather than by choice. Noah is determined to break through Maddi's walls. Maddi is unsure if she wants to open up or keep everyone out so she doesn't have to relive the horrors of her past. 


This was a poignant story that had the theme of enduring domestic violence and getting past it. The theme was addressed from several different perspectives. It was a well-done story with a very important message and the book felt resolved as the story ended. The timing of the story could be a little confusing. The inner dialogue of the main character was repetitive so it stunted the story at times. The pacing of the story was appropriate, except for the middle; the action was a bit lost there. It was a good book that will be a great fit for Women's fiction and Chick-Lit fans. 

Jessica Samuelsen