Crossing a Fine Line (The McKay Series Book 5)


Fletcher McKay hates Noah Reed, and the feeling is mutual as they stare across each other through the one way glass of the interrogation room. A man is dead, and the only clear suspect is Fletcher, and Reed knows it. Being Sheriff of Blue Creek, he either has to arrest her or keep her in protective custody. Fletcher has been shot, tortured, and is now being framed for her captor’s murder. As the plot thickens, and her family and those close to her are threatened, Fletcher and Reed have to find a way to work together, as Reed tries to keep the independent and stubborn Fletcher safe while solving the murder. Is there a fine line between love and hate?

Be ready for a thrilling dive deep into the drama surrounding the residents of Blue Creek and the McKay family. W.L Brooks provides a delicately woven plot line which is fast paced, exciting, and with some very steamy encounters which require a re-read. The characters of the McKay family and friends are engaging from the start, and the reader will be glued to the pages as the mystery unravels. There are scenes of anguish that require a box of tissues, and the romance is a gorgeous love/hate relationship between the protagonists, and is done whilst maintaining the grittiness of a good thriller. One or two moments are questionable, but be patient as the plots are revealed in clear stages that amp up the suspense. This is Book 5 of the McKay Series, but can be read as a standalone. It is a page turner that will get one’s heart racing and leave readers wanting more!

*Contains some subjects that may serve as triggers for some readers.*

Rika Chandra