Creed (Fallen Angel’s MC #1)


Creed and twins Jason and Jada are best friends and do everything together - until tragedy strikes and Creed leaves Jada to deal with her grief alone. He joins the Fallen Angels motorcycle club and becomes a killer for them. He enjoys his new life - that is, until Jada shows up at the clubhouse and Creed finds out she is the girlfriend of a rival club’s leader. Abused and afraid, Jada just wants to get away and back with Creed even though he abandoned her in her worst time of need.


This story begins with much promise in the beginning. The characters are fresh, young, and full of life and the reader is eager to get to know them. This changes very quickly, however. Excessive use of profanity doesn’t add to but rather detracts from the overall story. There are abundant spelling errors and missing words in sentences. The storyline is weak - sex for the sake of sex is the main gist of the novel. This is a dark novel that should be read by those eighteen and older. The secondary story of Tank and Cher is brightness in the tale and is an example of how opposites can indeed attract. This story will transport the reader into the fictional dark world of motorcycle clubs and the bad boys who belong to them. 


Belinda Wilson