Crane (The Legends Saga #1)


Centuries after the horrible tragedy that transformed the small town of Sleepy Hollow into legend, a descendent of Ichabod Crane has finally returned.  Ireland Crane has no idea the events she has set in motion by moving back.  Soon murders are once again piling up and people are looking at her!  With the help of an odd old man who calls himself Rip Van Winkle, Ireland sets out to prove her innocence and uncover the real murderer who is masking as the ancient headless horseman.  But when the evidence is truly pointing at her, Ireland must decide to either embrace the evil dwelling inside and work to exorcise it, or risk losing the very sanity she questions.


What a unique and intriguing twist on a beloved old horror story!  Ms. Rourke has taken that headless horseman and turned him right on his end!   There are two complete story threads running simultaneously throughout much of the book. And, while we know they are related, they are so different that the reader just gets immersed in, then is suddenly thrown into the other without any smooth thread to hold them together. Also, the love interest in the present day plays such a small part that it is hard to believe when it surfaces at the end.  Still, the snarky humor is delightful and keeps this re-telling fresh while staying true to the original.  The twists, turns and total surprises are delightfully enough to keep the reader guessing and devouring, then wishing for more as that last past turns!


Ruth Lynn Ritter