Covert Danger (Mata Hari #1)


Sadie Stewart is not who she seems. Her job as a high-fashion model is a cover, allowing her to unearth valuable secrets and to infiltrate the latest group of criminals in her sights: an organized faction of thieves interested in ancient Egyptian artifacts. In order to gain the attention of her target, she has become a thief herself. Sebastian Wilde is an art dealer who meets Sadie at a party, and though he suspects she is a thief, he cannot fight his attraction to her. Sadie doesn’t have time to contemplate the flaming hot chemistry between her and Sebastian. She has a mission to complete and no time for dallying. When Sadie finds herself in a bind and her current op in danger of failing, it’s Sebastian who is there to pick up the pieces and rescue her, making Sadie consider the possibility that Sebastian may have a place in her crazy life, as well as her heart.


Ms. Carson writes an action-packed suspense with incredible pacing and well-developed characters that readers will thoroughly enjoy. Sadie is a strong and sassy heroine and is well matched with Sebastian; the chemistry between them is off the charts and the adventures they experience while traveling Europe to complete her mission are described in great detail and with fantastic imagery. Readers will not want to put this book down and will be eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series.


Molly Daniels