After the death of her grandmother, artist Jenny Kinley is forced to leave New York to see whats to be done with the art camp her grandparents used to run. The problem? Shes not quite sure what she wants. Her father wants her to sell; Rob Caruso, a longtime employee, wants exactly the opposite and shes stuck between a lifelong dream, making it in New York and the comfort of home, and perhaps a romance with the mysterious Rob. As burglaries at the camp escalate, her wishes might become irrelevant because of the dangers of her dads and Robs murky pasts

Art is the heart and soul of this novel and the myriad of aspects shown are simply fascinating. Even the characters are written through the prism of art and what it signifies to different people. For Jenny, its a pleasure that has sadly turned into a means for success; for Rob its love intermingled with the painful past and the yearning to create instead of copying; for Jennys grandparents it was everything a dream and a reality as they taught kids at the camp; for Jennys dad it was profit made concrete. It makes for a great cast! The interactions between them are imbued with the ghosts of the pasts and dreams of the future and so much life, they never fail to feel true. Other than a few loose ends, there is not much to mar the pleasure of reading Counterfeits. For anyone enamored of Nora Roberts, this powerful blend of suspense and a small town romance should be a hit!    

Mimi Smith