Cornered: Book 3, Neptune’s Five


HISTORICAL: Warren “Chief” Smith knows the sea better than most. His ship, The Folly, is in his command, and when Elizabeth “Betty” Devereaux comes on board to help navigate, Chief can’t help but fall for the attractive and brave nurse. She has a mission of her own, and a secret that she cannot share with anyone. As they navigate their way up the Sebou River, they find themselves falling for one another, and it is a race against time as there are perilous dangers awaiting them. Will they get through the various challenges and find their happily ever after? Or will their love sink to the bottom of the Sebou River? One thing is for sure, they will fight hard for their love—and to save one another from the dangers that await them.

Suzanne Ferrell has created an awesome concept with the Neptune series, and there is so much to enjoy about this book. There is suspense, romance, and great writing, along with scene descriptions that will grip readers and pull them right into the heart of the action. Fans of both suspense and historical will get a kick out of this book, and it will entice them to go back and read the other books in the series. It is clear that the author has done her research, and really worked hard to make this book what it is. This is definitely a series not to miss out on; a real page turner and it should definitely not be missed!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick