Conviction of the Heart

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Pittsburgh native and family law attorney Suzanne Taylor is the single mother of two daughters. Her husband walked out on her years earlier,  so she can relate to her clients’ situations without fail. The abused wife of the a city councilman comes to Suzanne for help thanks to a referral from sexy detective Nicholas Sansone. Nick has a natural attraction to redheads and is just celebrating his promotion to Lieutenant, so he insists Suzanne joins him for dinner. They hit it off immediately, but can a lawyer and a cop commit to a relationship together? Unbeknownst to them both, the evil councilman returns with a vengeance threatening to sabotage both of their careers, and Suzanne and Nick find themselves wondering if they care about each other enough to keep afloat.

Lorens has penned this engaging, suspenseful tale with all those in mind who have endured any sort of domestic violence, whether they be a victim or someone who has helped them through their misery and fear. The story is heartfelt, thrilling and quite steamy at times. Most readers will get attached to the hero and heroine's relationship as it unravels, but others will get discouraged all too soon as there are many twists and turns in the plot that tend to be puzzling as the pages creep slowly towards the middle. The book is quite a passionate page-turner and original, but instead of the author focusing on the important aspects of the story, she tends to add too much fluff which may bewilder her fans.


Jaime A. Geraldi