Consumed (A Changing Krysset Novel Book 2)


A mysterious woman comes into Ethan’s bar every night at midnight.  She orders a whiskey and then just as quickly disappears.  Danielle is a woman of mystery - or is she? Determined to find out exactly what Danielle is doing in the small town of Krysset, Ethan leaves no stone unturned.  What he discovers terrifies him to his very soul.  How can he protect Danielle from the evil that awaits her when he does not know what it is?


“Consumed” is well-written and holds the attention of the reader well.  Ms. Carley does an admirable job of presenting the little town of Krysset as the backdrop for her novel.   It is her character and plot-development that need work.  Ethan and Danielle are predictable and as a result there is little tension in the conflicts between them.  The plot is a formulaic mystery and the perpetrator of the crime becomes obvious too early in the story line. Neither a great romance, nor a great mystery story, “Consumed” misses its mark by trying too hard to be both.

This doesn’t mean that “Consumed” isn’t a good try by a talented author.  As Ms. Carley continues to find her own voice in writing, readers can expect to be completely and totally engrossed.  Look forward to more work from this author; it will be well worth it.

Gwenellen Tarbet