Common Denominator


Common Denominatorby C.E. Wolff is a contemporary mystery that takes place against the backdrop of the art world. Jess is almost at the point of revealing her feelings to her friend, Paul, when Steph, a foreign beauty, gets in the way of business and romance.


Jess has to endure Paul throwing himself at Steph while the beauty uses him like an ATM to set up her art gallery. Trying to pretend not to be too interested in Pauls romantic life, Jess forces herself to try the dating circuit. Things arent working out well with dating and then theres Steph who may be up to her elbows in art forgeries.  The problem is not only getting Paul to accept that his ladylove is bad news; there's also the possibility that those running the forgery ring might want to rub out the troublemakers. Life is never simple around Jess.

Common Denominatorshould appeal to cozy mystery fans. C.E. Wolff sprinkled the book with humorous dialogue and situations that should amuse readers. There was an easy camaraderie between Jess and Paul, but no real chemistry.  The characterization was on the shallow side, not allowing for complexities that could enrich the tale.  All the same, mystery fans should enjoy it.

Morgan Stamm