Come, Gentle Night (Natalie Marsh #5)


Rowan Montrose believes that he has met the love of his life after less than an hour of dancing with her during a fundraising gala. His brother, Brett, is serving his fourth year in prison for a murder that Rowan strongly believes he didn’t commit. His distrust for the police force landed him on the force’s watchlist. Things don’t look good for his life, especially after realizing that his newly found love is none other than the sister of one of the detectives in the police force. Can he get in the detective’s good graces to win his sister’s love? Natalie Marsh, a practicing psychologist who is well-known to both the police officers and the Montrose family offers to help. How can she do that without compromising her career?

“Come, Gentle Night” is a riveting tale that leaves the reader craving more drama, secrets, and action amidst a roller coaster of emotions caused by a budding romance that is tried and tested in every manner. This amazingly unique story has a very enticing shade thrown into the damsel in distress giving it an overall exotic feel. The drawback is on the persona of the psychologist, who seems to go through what appears to be schizophrenic episodes such as, ‘I can help’ to ‘no I should withhold’ and then goes into a series of ‘could it be?’ that destabilizes her hold of the flow of events. However, the other characters form an amazing crew that delivers such a sweet story for any readers whose idea of a cool sunset involves a well-lit room with a delicious murder mystery to devour.

JM Lareen