Code Name: War of Stones (A Warrior’s Challenge Book Series Book 7)


Navy Seaman Sloane Austin follows in her father’s footsteps by joining the Navy, even though it is not her career path of choice. Her father is very protective of her and is a legend in the Navy. She is stationed at Coronado, San Diego. One day she is selected for a secret CIA exercise. She is partnered with a strong, gorgeous Navy Seal named Damon Stone. When they get to the exercise location they discover how much danger they are in. Damon and Sloane must stick together to make it out alive. What was supposed to be an exercise turns out to be a horrible plot for revenge. Damon and Sloane grow close under these terrible circumstances, but how can Sloane trust a Navy Seal with her heart?

This book will keep the reader on their toes! The story is filled with twists and turns as it tackles political issues like women fighting in the military. Sloane is strong, courageous, and never backs down! Despite the horrible torture she is put through, she stands her ground and that makes her a very admirable main character. Damon Stone is also a great character because he appreciates and respects Sloane’s strength, rather than being threatened by it. Their chemistry is also off the charts. The only issue is that it seems to have a few plot lines going on at the same time. It continues the story from the previous books and leaves off on a cliffhanger for the next book. Overall, every page is entertaining and suspenseful!

Amanda Hupe