Code Name: Nina’s Choice (A Warrior’s Challenge, Book 3)


Mace Callahan, Navy SEAL, makes women drool wherever he goes - and he knows it. Never a one-woman man, he suddenly finds himself under the spell of a siren with red hair, green eyes, and a body to die for, literally. 


Nina Samson, a single mother, doesn’t give her heart away easily, but she is ready to give Mace her soul. Nina discovers that SEAL teams are family, on duty or off. Never mess with a team member, especially a mother looking for love, running away from a killer, and fighting for her man, life, and daughter. 


Nina and Mace are a red hot, certifiably sexy couple that draws attention from their first scene to their last. Add in a devoutly developed cast of characters that create the families that surround our couple and one has the stepping stones of a tale begging to be told. The plot is a tad stilted for the new reader to the series, due to overlapping plot lines from the previous books. The action however, is nonstop, driving the reader forward to the very end. Killers, kidnapping, and emotional love abound in “Nina’s Choice”, but segues from storyline to storyline don’t always flow smoothly. The stories might have been better off being presented as two unique novels, rather than one. The entire Gabriella plot is beautiful, shining, and strong, yet aspects slip, starting to feel contrived. Nonetheless, Waters knows her genre and presents a style that begs for more to be delivered. More Callahans, please!


Penelope Anne Bartotto