Code Name Luminous (A Warrior’s Challenge Book 4)


Navy SEAL Tony "Tinman" Bale must stop a deadly virus before it’s launched in the United States and resist the unquenchable desire to reconnect with Lumin Edenridge, the breathtaking aerialist he left in Las Vegas. However, he is not the only one affected by the brief encounter; Lumin can't stop dreaming of the good-looking SEAL. When she finds herself involved in a terrorist plot, she knows she’s going to need Tony's assistance plus all her wits to survive. Nevertheless, when she learns she has been turned into a weapon, Lumin hides to protect Tony, leaving him only twelve hours to rescue her.

In this perspicacious, incendiary episode of the Warriors Challenge Series, Ms. Waters has the readers on the edge of their seats! Bringing into the limelight the characters of Tony and Lumina, whom we met in book three of the series, the inner demons plaguing both characters are brought to the forefront. In a sprint to avoid doomsday during death defying feats of military maneuvers, this story shifts gears but accomplishes its overall goal. While rapidly turning the pages and holding one's breath, the reader appreciates the author's command of describing military maneuvers, current jargon, and the ability to paint vivid scenes with broad strokes that leaves one misty eyed.  The underlying terror plot is fast paced with a little room for romance, but the intensity of the situations creates time for steamy scenes.  While this story stands alone, readers will definitely want to go back and read the first three books of this riveting series if they haven’t already. 

Roberta Gordon