Code Name: Ghost (A Warrior’s Challenge, #1)


MILITARY:  Recruited from the Department of National Defense, Canadian Kayla Banks relocates to California for a new beginning.    Twenty years of experience have prepared her for occupational hazards like Navy SEAL Commander Thane Austen.  As a gifted tactical specialist, Kayla will earn respect and challenge Thane’s beliefs.   When a serial killer cuts a violent path through the base, the danger to Kayla exposes unexpected feelings. It also initiates a new mission for this formidable warrior.

Fans of the alpha hero will adore Thane and his SEAL team.  They literally drip sexy across the pages!  Ms. Water’s military men ring with authenticity.  It’s easy to imagine oneself on Coronado’s naval base, a place brimming with dedicated warriors with the swagger to match.  Kayla is a challenging character to approach. Her background adds definition to her character, but she occasionally seems closed off and inconsistent.  She is almost like a sleepwalker who springs to life in a crisis.  Readers are free to read between the lines and discover the nuances, yet Kayla’s actions didn’t always seem consistent.   At times, the story’s pacing felt uneven, with full throttle scenes, confusing dream sequences, and repeated personal dilemmas.  The ending has a dubious quality that may appease some fans, but the unresolved story line will leave others potentially unsatisfied.    “Code Name:  Ghost” does contains addictive men with brave hearts.  As this book is a first in a series, fans of romantic suspense may become hooked with the sexy SEALs and select a favorite hero destined for a happy ending!


Anna Fitzgerald