Child’s Play (The Elle Harrison Series #3)


Elle Harrison’s husband was murdered two years ago, and it’s time for her to move on. She needs to focus on her job as an elementary school teacher, sell her house and get on with her life. Sometimes that’s not always so easy - especially after the principal at her school is murdered. Not only that, but a former student, Ty Evans has just gotten out of juvie after he confessed to murdering his father. She now has his little brother Seth, in her class. With the appearance of Ty back in her life, and murders occurring at an alarming rate, could it be that Ty is back to his old habits? Is he really capable of murdering others besides his abusive father? All evidence is pointing his direction, but is he guilty or is someone else to blame?


Wow! Ms. Jones sure can ratchet up the goose bumps. This thriller is suspenseful and intriguing. Elle is an interesting character but her actions will leave one bewildered and wanting to smack her with her unrealistic actions. At times she is somewhat of a doormat, doing things just to be nice. Ms. Jones’ writing is the star of this book -  it’s well written and there are numerous twists and turns that will leave one surprised. The villains' identity is also a stunner. If one is looking for romance, it won’t be found in this novel. This enthralling, intense tale will leave one shocked and gasping!


Lynne Bryant