Julie Michele
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Looking at Kelly Newman, it appears as if she leads a charmed life – a handsome husband, a good career... Sadly, appearances are deceiving.  After a terrible car accident, Kelly wakes from a coma to discover that her husband Tim is dead and that she has retrograde amnesia – she has no memories of her life prior to waking up in the hospital. That would be traumatic any time, but Kelly is also getting threatening notes and now it appears that the accident was no accident after all. Not many safe ports in the storm that is her life. But she will have to trust someone, because the villain is closing in.

Suspenseful, thrilling, emotional – all those words fit this book to a "T".  Kelly makes for a wonderful heroine.  The thing that stands out most about her is the fact that she is refreshingly human – she has her bad sides, is prone to fits of intentional blindness when some people are in question, but she is also generous and strong.  She has to be in order to rebuild her life. The only thing that felt off about her is the moment she regained her memory – her behavior didn’t make sense. Also, there was a bit too much from the bad guys’ point of view - their plotting was over the top, and it partially ruined the suspense. On the plus side, there was an unexpected twist at the end. All in all, a finely crafted suspense story with a side dish of romance!

Ana Smith