Chaysing Dreams (Chaysing #1)


Tess was a smart, athletic and accomplished high-schooler.  She had to be, in order to get herself into college on an academic and track scholarship.  While training for track she meets Chris, her team’s assistant coach. Chris, who Tess later learns is actually named Chayse, is secretive and mysterious and starts showing Tess special attention and spends more time training with her on weekends.  She is drawn to him, though she doesn't understand why.  She has strange recurring dreams, and at times sees a dark cloud pass in front of her eyes but never understands why. When Tess’ parents die she finds out that she’s not as normal as she’d always thought, but is unsure of what that means for her and her future.


Ms. Williby writes a mystery from Tess' point of view, and it is very slow to start. Throughout most of the book, readers have no clue where the story is going or what to expect next. She focuses on mundane day-to-day tasks but spends very little time on plot or character development. Two-thirds of the way through the book there is still nothing explained and readers still have no idea where the plot is going or what exactly is going on. Ms. Williby was able to portray fantastic chemistry between Chayse and Tess, but without plot development the readers will be unable to enjoy Chayse and Tess’ growing relationship.


Molly Daniels