Chase: the Secret Billionaire Society book 1


On their thirtieth birthday, six sexy, young billionaire men swear off their hard-partying ways and form a secret society to give back. And who better to send them on impossible missions than the mysterious – and seemingly all-knowing – Mr. Smith?

The first assignment goes to Chase Young, a serious-minded young pilot with his own airline and a way with the ladies. Someone is out to ruin Falcon Airlines and Grace Edison, the lovely young woman who runs things, is at her wits end. Unable to use his wealth, Chase is forced to rely on his own wit, knowledge, and know-how to solve the case and it doesn’t take long before Grace and Chase fall for each other. But when the assignment takes a dangerous turn, can Chase keep his identity a secret while outing a saboteur – and still keep Grace in his life?

“The Secret Billionaire Society” is a fun, fast-paced adventure novel with the romance front and center. Grace, the hard-working, beleaguered executive, is easy to sympathize with and Chase, the dashing – if out of his element – billionaire is the kind of dreamboat most harried office women wish would sashay into their lives. Unfortunately, the romantic tension just isn’t there – they plunge so quickly into a relationship that the reader feels as though they missed something. Some awkward prose and occasional clumsy plot twists also slow this down, but for readers looking for a light, enjoyable adventure, “Chase” still has plenty to offer.

Janice Martin