Changing the Rules (Richter Book 1)


ROMANTIC SUSPENSE: Claire Kelly loves her job at MacBain Security and Solutions. It allows her to use the skills she grew up developing, and has given her the family she never had. Cooper Lockman was an important part of that family - until he left six years ago for Europe and she never heard from him again. Until now. He is back and Claire is confused. What made him leave? How does she feel about him now that she is grown? And what does the future hold? Cooper knows he must confront his feelings for Claire at some point, but even six years away hasn’t banished them. And now, they must work together to uncover a dangerous child trafficking ring by going undercover in the high school where many of the victims attended. As things heat up and Claire’s life is at risk, both must face not only the danger in their careers, but in their love, as well.

Wow! This story incorporates everything a reader could beg for in a deliciously suspenseful love story! Ms. Bybee weaves so many threads together so deftly that one is gifted with a rich cast of characters that readers can feel truly care about each other, along with a riveting suspense/mystery and a steamily smoldering romance, all tied together to create a memorable, one-sitting experience! A few of the situations may stretch believability a bit, and there are a few times one might want to smack Claire upside the head, but for an evening’s escape that delivers so much for so many, this one is definitely a keeper!

Ruth Lynn Ritter