Chained Reaction


ROMANTIC SUSPENSE: Softhearted Camille is blackmailed into helping two of her sleazy coworkers kidnap a man for ransom. After coming to the aid of two women locked out of their car, oil tycoon Trenton Shade wakes up chained to an antique barber's chair. He quickly realizes the beautiful nurse caring for him is as much a victim of his abductors as he is, and is then surprised when Camille risks it all to help him escape. While evading recapture in the swamps of Louisiana, Camille and Shade develop strong feelings for each other. Will their passions be enough to see them through this harrowing experience and the astonishing aftermath of an insidious plan they discover they're entangled within?

"Chained Reaction" is an action-packed thriller filled with danger, intrigue, and passion! Readers will be instantly captured by the intensity of being held captive by two crazy women intent on gaining the riches they desire. Characters in this suspenseful tale are interesting players caught up in a malicious web of espionage spun to leave readers breathless with anticipation. Readers will revel in a story where the main characters bravely do what is necessary to overcome the treacherous actions of their abductors. The kidnappers are more than your average villains as their motivations are revealed one link at a time. The unexpected inclusion of faith and prayer is an added bonus that gives this tale a unique twist on falling in love under dire circumstances. Ms. Love delivers a dynamic tale loaded with so much exquisite detail and dramatic nuances, readers won't be able to put this book down! And when the ending arrives, readers will want more!

Tonya Mathenia