The Castle


Park Ranger Maggie has dealt with a litany of pain, trauma, and suffering. Recovering from attempted suicide, she returns to her post at The Castle, an ancient limestone pueblo carved into a cliff by indigenous tribes. Maggie swears she feels the peaceful presence of the long-dead inhabitants of the mystical dwellings. Rocked by heinous attacks of a rapist in their small community of Beaver Creek, AZ; Maggie and her friends are dismayed when they realize the second attack was possibly a case of mistaken identity and the real target is her! Which one of several men in Maggie’s life is the evil predator intent on hurting her and will she be forced to add another act of violence to her long list of trauma?

"The Castle" is an illuminating poignant tale about one woman's survival through horrific assault, tragic loss, and soul-eating depression. A relatable protagonist, Maggie tackles her feelings one minute, hour, and day at a time. Her friends are written as compassionate, quirky individuals. There are references to gang-rape, child loss, and chilling peeks into a serial rapist’s mind. Determining which of the men that come into and are a part of her life is stalking Maggie is a task that readers will find most intriguing. The feeling of predatory menace is so palpable, readers will be chilled and want to warn Maggie to beware! Detailed descriptions of the majestic desert landscapes of Beaver Creek, Arizona are conveyed with brilliant vividness. Ms. Montgomery manipulates uncomfortable subjects and dark suspense into a gripping tale with hints of romance and humor carefully guiding readers on an informative journey of survival and self-discovery. 

Tonya Mathenia