Cash Valley: An Unsafe Place

Ryan K.

Jack faces a nearly impossible decision and doesn't know what to do. Jack isn't sure what to do when Agent Travis turns up at the scene. Their bond is less than ideal and the tension may affect their ability to do their job. The crime needs to be solved, but with secrets being kept and partnerships being strained to almost breaking point, it is going to be difficult to solve the case with trust being a major issue. It's a race against time to solve the crime before Logan has to put up with the danger that has come to it. Can Jack and Travis get to the bottom of things in time? Will peace finally return?

This is the final book in this series. There are some aspects that readers may be confused about as they were covered in previous books. However, there is action, mystery and tension from the beginning of the book and readers are kept guessing and hooked until the end. The plot moves at a speedy pace and the author writes the tension and mystery so well. For readers who like crime, mixed with adventure and romance, this is definitely the books for them. This will have readers going back to the other books in the series so they can get the full story and judging by this book, they will not be disappointed!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick