Cash Valley: To Bring One Down

Ryan K.

FBI Agent Travis learns of a prison escapee who looks strikingly like Donovan, a bank robber he killed four years ago in the Cache County Bank robbery. He gets himself assigned to apprehend the escapee because he has a hunch this man, who also calls himself Donovan, is somehow connected to that robbery. Travis’ conscience is bothering him about the Cache case because he reported Jack and Kate Pepper were innocent bystanders but now suspects they were involved in the robbery. Donovan wants his cut and knows Jack Pepper took the money. He will stop at nothing to get the money from Jack. It is a race against time to see who will find Jack first, Agent Travis or Donovan.

“Cash Valley: To Bring One Down” aptly describes prison life and what might go through a prisoner’s mind. It brings to life what it would be like to be actively working on an FBI case. The mystery and intrigue capture the reader’s attention from the beginning and has them sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens next. Ryan K. Nelson is an eloquent writer who creates an exciting novel that is difficult to put down. An emotional piece, it is easy to be wrapped up in the story. Unlike other stories, the hero in this tale is fallible, but he pays for it with his conscience. Mystery, suspense, intrigue, “Cash Valley: To Bring One Down” delivers them all and leaves the reader wanting more!

Belinda Wilson