Captured Lies

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Bailey Saunders can’t believe that her mom, Donna is dead. She has been raised to be suspicious of everyone and they have moved so often with Baily having to constantly make new friends, that she has never felt like she belonged. Now here she is packing up her mom’s house and trying to understand the cryptic clues her mom has written for her on an envelope. Suddenly,  she is attacked in her mom’s house and she realizes that things are much more complicated - and dangerous than she imagined.

Guy is just about to tell his step-grandma that he has found Cassidy, her granddaughter who had been abducted as an infant. A nurse in the hospital had been a prime suspect in the kidnapping but she died in a plane crash; so they have continued to search for Cassidy. Now that he knows where she is, he had to find a way to tell her who she really is. When she is attacked by an intruder he is there to help her and must slowly win her confidence.

Maggie Thom writes a fast paced thriller laced with romance that keeps the reader interested and on edge! The premise of the abduction and then plane crash is not very feasible but does add to the suspense and  intrigue. The author does an excellent job of vividly describing the evil within some of her characters while deftly creating others who are loyal to their families no matter what.  If on can suspend belief for a bit, this one is a great choice! 

Rose Mary Espinoza