Captain Jack Ryder


HISTORICAL:  Captain Jack Ryder and his best friend, Harry Feather, meet at the funeral for Jack’s father, the duke. Because Jack, an illegitimate son, is not really accepted by his father’s family, he decides to travel for adventure. He stops at an inn where he meets Lord and Lady Butterstone and their daughter, Lady Ashley. Lord Butterstone is mortally wounded, but before he dies, Jack promises to see his family safely home. Along the way, he falls for Lady Ashley. Meanwhile Erina Rountree is told by her father that she must marry Mr. Harry Feather. When Erina and Harry meet, they immediately dislike each other, besides which, neither of them wants to get married. So Erina comes up with a plan and manages to talk Harry into it, but they soon discover well-laid plans don’t always go as they should.

This story is a unique combining of two loosely-connected stories into one. Unfortunately, the stories are a bit confusing, especially considering the time period and the fact that there are four protagonists. Readers also might be confused with the title since it deals with only one of the protagonist’s and not everyone as a whole. Despite Jack’s inferior social status, he attempts to do the right thing and even right a wrong. While Ashley is cool and collected and Erina is feisty and spontaneous, both manage to be very likable. Harry, the quiet compassionate hero, manages to worm his way into readers’ hearts by his unassuming nature. Luckily there still manages to be a happily ever after for almost everyone.

Roslynn Ernst