Capricorn Cravings


Riley Shaughnessy is a veterinarian with a thriving business who has managed to restart her life after a disastrous marriage. However, her happy life becomes unsettled when a serial killer murders her young assistant. To make matters worse, her love life is non-existent, although Randy Hansen is trying to rectify that. When Federal Agent, Powell Stewart, arrives, Riley’s life becomes complicated. Not only is he investigating the murder of Riley’s assistant, but he’s trying to figure out why all of the serial killer’s victims resemble Riley.


This romantic suspense/thriller starts out literally with a bang and keeps the suspense going until the very end. It has lots of action and many twists and turns. However, the characters are one dimensional with very little development. The heroine is indecisive and immature, acting more like a teenage virgin than a mature woman with a past. Randy is a spoiled, narcissistic degenerate, yet Riley goes out with him even though she dislikes his vulgar behavior. There wasn’t any real relationship built between the Riley and Powell, which made their interactions seem shallow.    


Despite the lack of character development, there is plenty of suspense to keep the reader engaged with many possibilities as to the identity of the serial killer to keep the reader guessing. With some added dimensions to the characters, this novel has some seriously great potential. 


Janna Shay