Can’t Help Loving You (Boulder Bodyguards Series Book 3)


Lillian Beaumont is following her dream as an artist and working in an art gallery, rather than work in the family business. However, odd things start happening. First, her tires get slashed and then someone is purposely trying to sabotage her art shows. Her protective brother enlists the help of his fellow police officer and friend, Rafael Delgado. Since Rafael is Lillian’s neighbor he can watch over her and protect her. Rafael has always noticed Lillian but knows she has a protective family, so he never pursued her. Now, he finds himself by her side and neither one is prepared for the instant connection between them. Both Lillian and Rafael have pasts that haunt them daily, but they find healing in each other.

If there is one word that could describe this story, it would be spicy! The chemistry between Rafael and Lillian is off the charts. Lillian is a very strong character and not afraid to speak her mind. Rafael is a little more reserved but seems to be the perfect match for Lillian. This story dives into themes like following one’s dreams and overcoming fears from the past. The only downside is the meddlesome family members. They are so meddlesome that they didn’t even seem to act out of love for Lillian and Rafael, just out of spite. This aspect of the book didn’t seem like a realistic family situation. However, the two main characters absolutely steal the show! This romance is so steamy that readers will melt!

Amanda Hupe