Called Into Action


Hoping to pass certification for search and rescue K-9 handler, Penelope Ramos heads to Maple Falls, Vermont, with her newly trained rescue dog, Havoc. She accidentally sets fire to a state park's old check station while attempting to burn memorabilia of life with her ex-boyfriend. Ranger Jay Gosling doesn't know how to comfort the sobbing woman in his arms as he watches the check station burn. However, he has no problem arresting her when she confesses to the arson which destroyed expensive equipment he worked so hard to get to implement a GPS search and rescue program. One suffering from loss and both suffering from rejection, will the two of them be able to recognize their second chance at love, or will they run from the rescue fate has placed in their path?

Fanning the flames of desire while extinguishing the embers of the past, "Called Into Action" is a scorching romantic thriller of two damaged hearts searching for a second chance at love. Readers will be captivated by a storyline of combustible attraction, strong-willed characters, and an ensemble of small town "characters" sure to leave an imprint on the heart. The attention to detail given to search and rescue training, the heartbreak of loss, and the beauty of the Vermont landscape is incomparable. Readers won't be able to escape the heat produced by the fiery, red-hot love scenes. The heart racing rescue suspense will have readers teary-eyed and in need of oxygen. Ms. Wynters ignites a unique contemporary romance of two heroes "Called Into Action" with bravery, sparkling wit, white-hot thrills, and a daring leap of faith for a true, everlasting love. 

Tonya Mathenia