Cade: A MacKenzie Novel

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After being betrayed to the del Fuego drug cartel, DEA Agent Cade MacKenzie is almost killed, and makes it his main goal in life to stop a ruthless date rape drug that was developed by the del Fuego cartel. Moving to Ft. Worth, Texas he decides that the only way to stop this cartel is to draw them out, on his terms. Little did he know that his new next door neighbor would be one hot woman that he just can’t leave alone, and that will end up putting her in danger.
Bayleigh Scott is steamed when her new neighbor decides to move in at the crack of dawn.  She is furious but drawn to him, and his good looks all at the same time.  Passion erupts between the two and Bayleigh finds herself in the sights of a drug cartel kingpin and being used as bait.
Talk about one hot, sizzling story! This book will singe one’s fingers! One needs to make sure they have a way to put out the fire once the relationship between Cade and Bayleigh heats up. Reader beware, the language and sex in this book is extremely graphic, prolific, and would be considered erotica even though not sold as such. If one is willing to look past that, the story is daring, passionate and engaging, making it well worth the read.

Tonya Smalley