Cache a Predator


Police Officer Brett Reed juggles the chase of a suspect mutilating known sexual predators with the emotional devastation of losing custody of his young daughter Quinn.   Brett sees that his ex-wife is unable to take care of herself or his daughter, but the courts are unsympathetic to his case, believing Quinn is better off with her mother.  Through the escalating situation with his ex-wife’s negligence, he meets counselor Dr. Sarah Grinwald, and nascent romantic feelings blossom between them.  Sarah understands the turmoil that Quinn faces as possibly abused child. However, she also sees that Brett loves and wants the best for his daughter. When Quinn is kidnapped, Brett’s police investigation of the mutilator gets very personal.


Cache a Predator is a serious, intense novel that focuses on the immediate and delayed aspects of abuse on children.  Every character in this book is damaged.  Brett is sympathetic--his obvious love for his daughter, poignant--although his decision-making is flawed and erratic. Sarah’s character is likable, although her character was less developed than Brett's.  The suspense and romantic storyline felt sidelined in relation to the emotional drama of Brett’s struggle to see his daughter safe.  Although not gratuitous, the subject matter is disturbing, including the suggested violence of sexual abuse and the perpetrator’s acts against sexual predators.  "Cache a Predator" isn’t light reading, but readers will appreciate this thoughtful look at the impact of sexual abuse of children in society.  

Danielle Hill