Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Gemma Stone is an insurance investigator in Colorado, a transplant from Brooklyn, New York. Her family owns and runs a deli, and it’s a local favorite. Her parents and brothers are often searching out customers for matchmaking attempts, much to Gemma’s chagrin. She purchased an old Victorian home she’s renovating and her work does not leave her much time for dating… let alone a fix up!

Fletcher McKay hates Noah Reed, and the feeling is mutual as they stare across each other through the one way glass of the interrogation room. A man is dead, and the only clear suspect is Fletcher, and Reed knows it. Being Sheriff of Blue Creek, he either has to arrest her or keep her in protective custody. Fletcher has been shot, tortured, and is now being framed for her captor’s murder.

Fatal Witness (The Fatal Series #2)
Michelle Godard-Richer

Jessica’s life seems to be getting back on track after the passing of her husband and raising her son, Bryce, on her own. That is until one night when Jessica is having trouble sleeping and she decides to open her bedroom window to get some air, and she witnesses something horrific.

Rosemary Kubli

Sienna Ricci is determined to steal antiques from Jonathan Woodward. While she is good at what she does and is good when it comes to seduction and hiding in plain sight, she finds herself in an interesting situation because Jonathan is not all that he seems.

Shifting Sands
Kathi Oram

Gloryanna Griffin is a Marine Biology student in pursuit of a scholarship so she can finish her degree and pursue her dream of saving the ocean. But when she goes on a dive with her mentor and her ex-boyfriend, who is vying for the same scholarship, everything suddenly goes wrong. Gloryanna is swept into a vortex when her tank suddenly runs out of air.