Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Inescapable (The Beginning)
Madge H.

Darcey and Brad are in a fairly new relationship, but they are both positive that each is “The One.” Brad’s job is classified, so he can’t say much, and when the underwater dome he helped design is sabotaged he has to leave and can’t tell her why.

Lawyer Brent Marks takes on the government in a case that challenges freedom in America. Investigator Rick Penn stands by his friend’s side, from start to finish, protecting him from the evil people willing to kill Marks in order to silence him.

Escape from Indiaopens during the Reagan administration in the 1980


Brandon Morrissey is shocked, to say the least, to find out he is a father of a two-month old little boy named Michael, but he is dumbfounded when he discovers that the childs mother

God Whisperer

INSPIRATIONAL:  Lonnie Hogan is on the run with her son, terrified that any day the killers after her baby will find them. Hiding in a small Danish community Lonnie thinks they might be safe until strange things begin happening with her son.