Burned by Desire (Highland County Heroes Book 2)


Melody Redding has landed her first job as a small-town reporter contingent upon her getting the story. Her boss is certain that a large developer is behind a series of house fires and she wants Melody to connect those dots. Gage Lewison is a volunteer firefighter, sometimes arson investigator, faced with a house bomber who has nearly cost people their lives. Now he has a pushy reporter telling him how to do his job. Nevertheless, Melody gets under his skin and when she becomes the target of their mad arsonist, Gage will do whatever it takes to keep her and his community safe.

"Burned by Desire" starts with a blast and only gets hotter! The fire scenes are riveting and the heat between Melody and Gage sears the pages. Gage is hero material all the way. It takes longer to connect with Melody's character. She is young and comes across as young. Having recently gotten out of a bad relationship, falling into another relationship so soon doesn't seem like the smart thing for Melody to do. However, Melody starts to grow into the person she is meant to be and the author does not rush the romance. While the ending leaves a few loose threads, these are likely to be picked up in book 3. Without a doubt, “Burned by Desire” is a thrilling romantic suspense tale that grips the reader from page one and continually cranks up the heat, making it impossible to put this book down!

Tricia Hill