Broken Protocols (Charmin Marvin #1)


COMEDY:  Dani has finally recovered from a really bad year. The affair with her married boss, Lawrence, was hard to get over, especially when she never would have done it had she  known he was married. Today had finally been a good day, and Dani was on top of the world - until that world literally exploded right after she picked up her cat. Suddenly she is in an unfamiliar room with a short man with a green Mohawk and…Lawrence? Milo is a genius and has learned how to do time travel from the past into the future. He has just transported Dani two centuries forward. The problem is that it caused a power spike that is being investigated by the government, and Dani has to be kept hidden. 


"Broken Protocols" is a fun read, with Milo filling the role of idiot genius. There are many things to like about this novella:  the inventions are very imaginative, and  author Mayer weaves a tale of a government that has become even more controlling, and this makes for some scary reading. Unfortunately, the love scene between Levi and Dani seems to be more gratuitous sex than anything to move the story forward. Milo, for all his intelligence, is a shallow character in contrast to Levi and Dani, who each have much more depth. It’s very disconcerting how Dani is treated at the end of the story. She isn’t given much choice in her fate. The talking cat is a delightful surprise in this story and makes this a very unique novel.


Belinda Wilson