Broken Justice, Blind Love


A terrible mistake years ago transformed Trish Kleerey into the by-the-book police officer she is today. When a string of murders seem to point the finger at her boyfriend Bryan, Trish may have to bend the rules in order to clear his name. With his freedom in jeopardy and her career on the line, can Trish find the real killer before he kills again? 


Bryan DeJewel knows all about mistakes. Covering for his brother led to a stint in jail, and he's vowed never to return. Bryan knows he’s not a killer and right now, he needs the woman he loves by his side, not “Officer Kleerey”. As much as he tries to profess his innocence, Trish still has her doubts. But will her mistrust cost them their new-found love?


“Broken Justice, Blind Love” is a phenomenal first rate read! Trish’s hard-edged cop persona combined with her fierce love for Bryan makes her a distinctive character. Although Trish is supposed to have a psychic-like sixth sense, the fact that she never suspects the real killer until the very end of the book seems to suggest otherwise. While some readers may bemoan the lack of twists in the plot, the author's straightforward writing style is clear and concise. And in spite of the fact that the story is told from multiple points of view, each character's voice is distinct. Ms. Koontz perfectly balances police procedure, a murder mystery and steamy romance to keep the pages turning and the tension high! 


Chantel Hardge