Broken Embrace (Embrace # 3)


Melissa Parker moves back to her home town in Northern California where her twin sister Ali stills lives with her family.  Her high school sweetheart, Brian is also still there – the sweetheart who just happened to marry Melissa’s best friend soon after she left for college. The best friends have not spoken in seventeen years, and it has been a painful loss that they all would like to repair. Brian, a detective with the local police, is trying to track down a pedophile who is selling child porn online.   Things are rocky at home as well.  Once Julie decides to pack a suitcase and leave home, all involved are forever changed by that tragic night.  Can Brian and Melissa restore their long lost friendship during a tragic time?


“Broken Embrace” has great suspense and sub-plots to keep readers totally engaged. The character development and the relationships portrayed are warm and identifiable. The first couple of chapters are truly heart-wrenching:  real situations that hit home. This is the third book of the Embrace Series and it stands alone; however there are a few comments and references that are not well defined and one would assume that reading the first two books in this series would shed more light on the back story. The struggles of love and life are well-executed and all threads are wrapped up nicely. Readers will surely want to read the entire series!


Julie Caicco