Break My Bones


When Cain gets out of jail, his main objective is to get his family back.  He tracks down his wife, Brooklyn, and tries to convince her to come back to him.  What Cain does not know is that Brooklyn has changed since he was sent away.  She was no longer going to be his punching bag.  Brooklyn vowed to protect herself and her daughter from being hurt by Cain again.  After being broke and homeless for a while, she was determined to turn things around for her and their daughter.  She started working out for few hours each day and got a gun for protection.   Brooklyn has been on her way to a new life with a new apartment, job and has a new man in her life, Brandon.  Unfortunately, Cain is not one to take no for an answer and neither is his friend Donovan, who is committed to helping Cain win Brooklyn back.

Wow!  This book is heavy and explores so many subjects: domestic violence, sexual assault, and mental illness.  It is definitely not a light read.  Some of the scenes depicted were so graphic that the reader can actually feel what the characters are feeling because the storytelling switches from the point of view of Cain and Brooklyn.  The beginning is a little confusing as it keeps switching between present day and flashbacks between Cain and Brooklyn.  The relationship between Brandon and Brooklyn seems to progress more quickly than it normally would, given Brooklyn’s present circumstances, but the reader is hoping for a happy ending for all, especially Brooklyn and her daughter.  

Stephanie Shaw