Braving His Past - Away From Keyboard Romance, Book 8

Patricia D.

LGBTQ: One night walking home from his bartending gig; Graham hears a plea for help. Quinton, a.k.a. "Q", asks if he'd mind bringing his spilled groceries left in his yard. Both afraid to acknowledge their instant connection, it’s soon apparent their chemistry is too strong to ignore. Still reeling from an abusive, ex-boyfriend, Q finds suspicious Graham is interested in romance. Graham courts Q carefully with a transparency he's not even shared with friends. While exploring boundaries as their romance progresses, Quinton is abducted by his crazy ex when Graham is away. Pulling out all the stops to rescue Q, Graham’s K & R team hopes this new trauma won’t stop either man from braving their pasts and grabbing tight the love waiting in the here and now.

A heartfelt suspense-filled romance "Braving His Past" is about courageously moving beyond personal traumas to grasp the brass ring of hope, friendship, and love! Flawed characters filled with compassion, bravery, and passion leap from the pages as they pull heartstrings fighting to overcome pain and go after their dreams. Fair warning; the overwhelming symptoms of abuse and anxiety are vividly described and the love scenes are passionate escapades of desire. Hopefully this won't deter the reader's enjoyment of this beautiful story told with some levity, tons of romance, suspense, and action. This reads as a gifted standalone in Ms. Eddy's Away from the Keyboard Romance Collection that will no doubt entice readers to want to read the other installments about the fascinating men and women working on the Hidden Agenda Kidnap & Rescue team as they face dangers, work out some demons, and fall in love.

Tonya Mathenia