Brain Damage


Dr. Charlotte McKenna is a thriving dermatologist enjoying life as a single woman when a drop-dead gorgeous man appears in her office. Not one to date patients, she thinks she will never see the handsome Clark Douglas again, but when she runs into him months later he becomes the man of her dreams. Her life is perfect - until one night returning home she is shot in the head and almost killed. During her long road to recovery she has to relearn almost everything, including her husband Clark.  She also meets Jamie Knox, a man who truly sees her and grows attached to her. However, she is haunted by the night of her shooting and not knowing who pulled the trigger - who could possibly want her dead?

One of the best dual point of view books to be found, Ms. McFadden has deftly crafted an almost perfect manuscript! Shifting between the time before the shooting and the recovery period, the reader is taken on a dramatic journey of discovery. Charlotte is a strong character, even in the wake of her tragedy. Solid writing holds the plot together and delivers a masterful mystery. The two very different romances that ensue are delivered with ease and beauty. The essence of hope that ensues during the tale being told is enriching and gives delightful warmth to a tragic tale. The fact that brain damage is the high-level theme only makes this a better romantic mystery.

Penelope Anne Bartotto