Carissa must redefine her life. The small town girl who wants nothing to do with her family ties to the town’s crime boss, Callum DeMateo, is no more.  He has used her mother to her death, killed her father and will stop at nothing to have Carissa as his own play toy.  As a last resort Carissa makes a decision forced on her by her circumstances, and moves to New York.  The Trinity, as she and her friends become known as, will take on the likes of the Mateo family and work together to bring Callum down.  They will face resistance from their new partners. Carissa and Alec McLean find they have undeniable heat and decide to act on it before they form a plan to unite against Callum. 


Alec and Carissa’s attraction is undeniable and written well. The steam will not disappoint, nor the subtle innuendo throughout the book. The plot of two crime families uniting is not original, and why they want to unite to take down Callum takes the entire book, which creates confusion in the story.  There are chunks of time that pass in awkward places.  The twists near the final chapters add intrigue to finish the story, yet the reader will still have questions at the end.  


Laura Dinsdale