Born of Blood

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Jesse Banks is lonely.  She just has not found the right man - until the handsome and mysterious Drake comes into her life. He seems too good to be true. He ends up being  just that, when she finds strange things have started happening in her life since he has entered it.
Drake has been on a mission for centuries to find the one that will end a blood line from the wicked past. While on the hunt, he thinks he has finally found what he is looking for in Jesse. His dark and magical ways tells him to do everything in his power to have her. What he discovers in Jesse, though, makes all within his path sorry they exist, as he finds she may be more than he expected.
“Born of Blood” is a very dark paranormal read that leads the reader through a maze of disturbing alleys that is hard to return from.  S B Knight brings this caliginous thriller to life with magic, suspense, blood, and violence. These are all rolled together in one nightmarish story readers will be glad they are not living.  A few times the story repeated itself, but other than that it was one thrilling roller coaster that will leave one screaming for more.  Fans of this story will also be pleased to know the thrills will continue in book two in this series.
Melody Prat