The Book of Hours

Maria Elena

A sequel to “The Coin”, Alonso-Sierra's novel, “The Book of Hours” picks up with Gabriella's story four years later, but in much the same situation - danger. As a gifted artist, Gabriella created a copy of a manuscript for a charitable event. Unfortunately, her rendition of the famed book drew the attention of a psychotic antique collector, set on possessing her creation no matter what. Once her life was threatened, others set in motion a reunion with her only true protector, Richard Harrison. Thrown together again by a common enemy, the pair struggle to find common ground and quickly realize that their long-ago feelings still burn hot. However, with danger looming and familial complications in their way, will Richard and Gabriella finally clasp their happy ending or say goodbye once and for all?

Longing and regret, as well as suspense, were themes that ran throughout the entire novel, compelling the choices of the characters as well as the story's pacing. Though that pacing at times felt drawn out, the emotional connection between Richard and Gabriella compelled the reader to keep turning the pages. The author skillfully crafted very real and human characters that one could not help but rooting for while bonding with the couple. The energy level of the novel was high when faced with life-threatening events ranging from a runaway car to kidnapping. The suspense riveted the reader to the tale compensating for any perceived shortcomings. All and all, this was a worthwhile read - enjoyable and exciting!

Amy Willis